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David Burns

I have always had a love of the outdoors and adventure, but 'Bike Africa' opened my eyes to what is possible. Since then I have never looked at a map in the same way and see endless possibilities all over the planet. What intrigues me about this next adventure is the mystery of Persia, the remoteness of the Himalayas and the chance to raft on one of the world's great rivers.

I am both scared and extremely excited which probably means I am on the right track. For the first time in a few years I have no idea what the coming months have in store, it is a feeling I have greatly missed.


Maghnus Collins

A combination of disillusionment with my choice of career, a broken back, a naive sense of philanthropy and an inexplicable urge to see Africa led me to Ethiopia and the start of my first adventure. My life prior to this had been one of organised sport and disorganised study. It would be a lie to say I always knew that I would be most content waking before sunrise in a tent not knowing where that same tent would be pitched once the sun had completed its lap across our sky. I simply stumbled upon that realisation.

My career as an adventurer is in its relative infancy, however, as a more seasoned colleague once told me it is one of the few professions that by merely stating “I am an adventurer”, the speaker has all the qualifications he needs. Still and all, I envy those longer in the tooth, more grizzled and most importantly more full with memories. Through S2S I hope to use that envy as both a carrot and a stick to search for adventure stumbling over and collecting memories as I go. An adventure begins once the plan has been rendered obsolete. I aim to continue making plans!.

Logistics and Events

Gavin and Claire joined Sand2Snow Adventures in September 2011.

Gavin will run the logistics for "Silk Roads to Shanghai" from home before joining the boys for the running section from Lhasa to the source of the Yangtze. He will be our point of contact while we are away and link to home.

Claire joined the team as head of events, having previously worked with a number of event and public relations companies. She has experience in organising a multiplicity of events for a variety of clients.



Gavin Redmond - Logistics

I love big ideas. Ideas with ambition and daring and a touch of the ridiculous. If it's something most people will walk away from - ask me. I'm probably in before you finish the sentence. In the past few days, I've heard very few ideas bigger than running into what was once known as the “forbidden land” over the globe’s most famous Himalayan passes and then running across the “Roof of the world” into China.

That’s a big idea and therefore it is something I simply have to be a part of.

Gavin is IT and Creative Development Manager at Daralinn Training.

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Claire Sexton - Events

My greatest passion in life is travelling which led me to visit each continent. Each place I visited taught me to appreciate the diversity of culture and each new person I met showed me the unique beauty of the human spirit. I will always relish the freedom and mystery which I found while travelling. My tour unearthed a cascade of dreams, which I yearn to fulfill.

The endeavor and aspiration of the lads reminds me of a phrase my cousin uses, which I believe applies to them, and by which I strive to live:


‘It's far better to be a dangerous dreamer than a day dreamer'

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John Hogan - Public Relations

I like to think that I've got a way with words, or at least for getting word out about something. There's nothing I relish more than having a story to tell that's worth hearing, such as that of my friends who have decided upon exploration of the unknown as their career of choice. That they are using their adventures to benefit others elevates their experiences from mere galavanting to truly noble endeavor.

By informing as many as possible of their exploits and most importantly, of the benefit that will come to those who they support, I hope to make my own contribution to that endeavor.

John is a former journalist who is now working as an aide for a member of the Oireacthas.

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