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Yangtze Part 1 Featured

07 Oct 2012
Post David



Last modified on Friday, 16 November 2012 12:46


  • Daniel Nolan
    Comment Link 13 February 2013 posted by Daniel Nolan

    Incredible.. well done lads. Just read about this on

  • Richard..
    Comment Link 07 December 2012 posted by Richard..

    hiMaghnus.Richard here,! remember me.I am the comfortable one--Yes I have taken risks but they seem very flat in comparison
    to your extreme jousts with nature. I am not sure reading your account of events
    wheather you are Milton or a Marco Polo.Maybe a combination. How do you settle after this challenge ?.

    I think of my father Leo your grandfather
    I suppose he was the first adventurer in our family ...To Australia in 1932--
    Mind Yourself..

  • Bessie Lawlor
    Comment Link 15 November 2012 posted by Bessie Lawlor

    Hi Maghnus and David, we have just read your blogs for Oct. Very well written. Felt all the pain and joy with you.Glad that you are back on track again. Good luck with the remainder of those rapids and be safe. Really enjoyed those videos. Brilliant footage.
    Take care, Liam and Bess

  • Margaret
    Comment Link 12 October 2012 posted by Margaret

    Wonderful video coverage
    So great to see you enjoying the magnificent journey
    Well done Maghnus and David

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