It was the worst of times

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“Just not cycling, I’m hating it right now”

Alan had asked what I most looked forward to in Milan and I couldn’t hide my discontentment. Arrival on schedule would mean cycling from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the next four days with a measly three half hour refueling breaks thrown in.


I squelched in to enjoy this particular break all too aware that the fifteen minutes spent getting sensation back into my toes left little time to enjoy the latte macchiato I’d been thinking of for the last half hour of cycling. This was undoubtedly my low point of the last stage, two weeks of continuous cycling had taken its toll and the remaining 600 km seemed an insurmountable hurdle.

All that afternoon my head was playing tricks with me; “Just take tomorrow off” The break will do you good” “You deserve it” …”You deserve it!”

Suddenly the clouds parted, if this trip has taught me anything it’s that the moment you start imagining you deserve things is exactly the time to dig in. I’d fallen for this subconscious deception before and had to live with the regrets. I was here by choice and knew that a few days hardship was a tiny price to pay for the personnel satisfaction derived from sticking this one out.

Most days we’re fortunate enough to experience the delights of putting up with a little discomfort. The blast of heat you get entering a coffee shop after a cold nights camping, finding clean dry socks after weeks on the road or an invitation into a warm house just as you contemplate another night in the snow.

Its the magnification of such pleasures which makes journey cycling so addictive. As we enjoy pizzas , parties and football matches in Milan I’m all too aware that a chance to simply not cycle was all I really wanted.

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Since 2008 David Burns and Maghnus Collins have embarked upon man-powered adventures across the globe. The pair have cycled, run and kayaked for over 30,000 km in some of the most remote locations on earth.

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