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23 Oct 2012
Post Maghnus

At last! After weeks of arguing with immigration officials and with huge help from everyone at the Irish Consulate we are ready to head back to the river for a final three-month push to the Shanghai. Equipment, which was once of the North Face/Berghaus/Lowe Alpine variety, has been replaced by the well-known adventure brands Primark and CCF (Cheap Chinese Fakes).

Crucially, however, thanks to Alpacka Rafts we will have the best pack-rafts money can buy.Putting this expedition back together has been a hugely difficult task made possible only with the help of a few people. We would like to thank Austin Gormley, Lucia and Peter at the Consulate, Nancy at Alpacka Rafts, Rowena Knight at Palm, Brian Crean and finally Tempa, our host in Yushu. Finally we’d just like to say how blown away we were by the support from home. When things were looking particularly bleak the messages from home encouraged us to start again. Cheers to everyone.

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  • Tony  Bernadette Daly
    Comment Link 23 October 2012 posted by Tony Bernadette Daly

    Congratulations on putting the expedition back on the straight and narrow.
    You are a fantastic guy your resilience and spirit are incredible. Well done.
    By the way we had a lovely night with Phillip and Margaret in Kilkee last saturday night so we are fully up to date with your adventure. Although, I dont think we have ever met Burnsy, we feel that we know him very well from listening to Phillip and Margaret and reading the Blogs. well done to both of you. We are following your progress with great interest. Best of luck.
    Tony & Bernadette Daly

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