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December Update - Winner Kayaks Featured

13 Dec 2012
Post David

The final 1700 km of the Yangtze stretching from Yichang to Shanghai begins immediately downstream from the notorious Three Gorges Dam. After this point the river slows significantly as it meanders its way towards the East China Sea. With our visas expiring around the middle of January we worried this section would require an ambitious target of 40km a day.

We have pondered this dilemma for quite some time and were delighted when Winner kayaks approached us with an offer of using their sea kayaks for this section. Our Alpacka packrafts had been the perfect mode of transport for the upper Yangtze and our new sea kayaks have been superb so far on the lower river.

We are currently 11 days into this section and are approaching the 1000km to go mark. With the new kayaks we are now averaging 44km a day and could even buy ourselves a day off for Christmas.

Thanks to Winner kayaks for coming on board as sponsors and also to Jack Wolfskin who recently offered to sponsor the Gossamer tents we have used since leaving Istanbul 9 months ago.


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