Video - Bike Africa 2009 in Pictures 03 Mar
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Pictures taken during our 11 month cycle across Africa and Europe.

Video - Mt Sinai to Mt Blanc 18 Jan
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Cycling from Mt Sinai to Mt Blanc.

Video - Kenya to Dar es Salaam 11 Aug
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Cycling from the Ethiopian/Kenyan border to Dar es Salaam.

Final Leg 19 Jan
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Carrying gear for fit only for an African summer we arrived in Turkey needing new clothes and equipment to take us through a cold European winter. Sleeping bags were provided by the Irish Defence Force and were posted along with thermal clothing to Istanbul, timed for our arrival. We planned on departing Istanbul on the 27th of December after a three day Christmas break, however, the Irish, English, Czech and Turkish Post contrived to delay us two weeks.

The Wall 10 Jan
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It is difficult to conceive its’ enormity without laying one’s own eyes upon it. Harder still to conjure is its’ obtrusiveness. Businesses, roads and homes are cast in shadow, encircled and taunted by its’ ferocious pervasiveness. Graffitti covers the bottom quarter, yet seems to represent little more than token dissent. Indicative also, though of what I’m not entirely sure, is that the authors and painters who decorate the wall would appear in the vast majority not to be of Palestinian extraction.

Highs and Lows 07 Sep
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The real highs I’ve experienced have, without exception, crept up on me. They have been as unexpected as they have been thrilling.

"Him" 31 Aug
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“We’re just waiting for him to die.” As the former British colony of Rhodesia enters its 30th year of independence, the young nation of Zimbabwe finds itself searching for confidence, devoid of a currency and clinging to the hope of life after him.

Climbing 14 Aug
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Experience has taught you that the climb may not be as steep as it first appears. Approaching a hill square on gives one the impression of a sheer rise which curves sneakily around a corner, as yet unwilling to reveal its true extent. Immediately mental preparations begin.

Wadi Halfa 11 Dec
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“Be careful who’s advice you take but be patient with those who dispense it.” Every traveller has a window in any destination or stop-off point within which to experience and consequentially formulate an impression. Factors largely unrelated to the particular spot, however, become intrinsically linked to the experience

This Desert Life 29 Nov
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“I’ll swap you two ‘apple and cinnamon’ for any three of yours!”

Maghnus shouts at me from somewhere deep in his sleeping bag, he refers to our most treasured possessions, bags of Jungle Oats (instant porridge) bought in South Africa.

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Since 2008 David Burns and Maghnus Collins have embarked upon man-powered adventures across the globe. The pair have cycled, run and kayaked for over 30,000 km in some of the most remote locations on earth.

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