7 Days 27 Aug
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Almost three weeks later I am still wary of delving too deeply into my mental state for those 7 days. Simply imagining a single hour of running when the pain was at its worst is difficult to conjure. Imagining the 42 or so hours it actually took is impossible. Early on, when the pain was first reaching a crescendo

Brief Moments of Euphoria 20 Aug
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We had talked about attempting 40km training runs during the cycle. The plan seemed both feasible and sensible; get our legs up to speed gradually without compromising the 15 week window set aside for our cycle from Istanbul to Kathmandu.


Since 2008 David Burns and Maghnus Collins have embarked upon man-powered adventures across the globe. The pair have cycled, run and kayaked for over 30,000 km in some of the most remote locations on earth.

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